Flood Fire Damage Restoration


Water and flood, fire water damage is always unexpected and wet carpet deserves immediate attention. Our emergency service guarantees prompt response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MN Cleaning Services are experts in Commercial and Domestic

  • Water and Flood Damage Carpet Cleaning, Restoration and Decontamination
  • Fire Damage Carpet Cleaning, Restoration, Decontamination
  • Sewerage Damage Carpet Cleaning, Restoration and Decontamination

We carry flood restoration dehumidifiers: These are used to draw moisture out of the air, which will lessen the humidity and aid in drying the areas needed much faster than when not used.

Dryers: These are the most important pieces of flood restoration equipment we possess. This allows for the maximum amount of air to be circulated to aid in the drying process. With heat and moisture mixed together it can create Microbial Growth (Mould/Mildew) and a much more hazardous situation.