Medical Facilities


In a medical facility, cleanliness is a primary importance and understands that and offers a full range of medical cleaning services. Focusing on responsible cleaning procedures towards our environment and accountability of services, MN Cleaning Services clean clinical areas, medical suits, administration areas, public areas and even kitchens, car-parks and plant rooms.

We employing only the latest in cleaning technologies, Which cater your requirements and provide you with a complete system of cleaning at a very competitive price.

We provide the services to

  • Private and Government Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Research facilities and Laboratories

We offer

  • Regular general cleaning services to public and patient rooms
  • Super cleaning targeting at infection control, which will cover cleaning all the surfaces including walls and ceilings.
  • Hard floor maintenance including vinyl floors , tiles floor , cement floors etc..
  • Programed maintenance such as periodical carpet steam cleaning , dry cleaning , window cleaning etc..
  • Wash room and medical waste management services.

Our fully trained cleaning staff and the management team committed to ensure the highest possible levels of cleaning. We ensure a full service specification on all tasks, education and training for cleaning staff and ensure measurement and audit reports to ensure your facility is being cleaned with accountability.

Our strength

  • Accountable and professional Service Provider.
  • Understanding your cleaning requirements and delivering the correct systems.
  • Trained staff in all cleaning and a management structure to support.
  • Cost effective and price sensitive to all clients.
  • An environmentally conscious company which supports recycling and Sustainability.
  • Equipped with latest machinery and equipment