MN Cleaning consists of highly qualified, professional staff members. MN Cleaning staff also brings specialized functional skill sets and a wealth of practical knowledge in cleaning. This total resource base is viewed as our most valuable asset to ensure the continued expansion into new and exciting lines of business.

MN Cleaning Services and Property Management Pty Ltd understand that the key to a safer work environment is the training of our employees.

All employees are inducted in MN Cleaning Services and Property Management Pty Ltd systems of work, policies, objectives and procedures specific to their task prior to commencing work or moving into a new work environment.

  • All employees will be inducted in the specifics of the tasks they are required to complete.
  • Relevant records will be kept to ensure full coverage of specific safety, health and quality aspects.
  • Specific information and training in the correct use, storage and handling of all personal protective equipment and clothing required to be worn is given during the induction.
  • Guidelines for safe lifting are provided at the induction. Additional instruction will be given as part of the ongoing training program.
  • Additional training, under supervision, is conducted until it is determined that the employee is competent to work in their allocated work environment.
  • Ensure that all employees are placed under the direct supervision of an experienced operator for a probationary period, relevant to the level of tasks competency requirements.
  • Any training provided and any accreditation or licence received is registered and records maintained by the Manager.